Under Eye Filler Dubai

There are different reasons why people get under eye fillers but the central reason why a person would get an under eye filler Dubai is to fill the hollowness under the eye. The hollowness that is below the eye is called a tear trough and people that normally have this condition usually have dusky circles beneath their eyes. There is a difference between the normal dark circles and hyperpigmentation that is generated by the loss of dimensions under the eye. If you feel like you have the right understandings to get a main under eye filler or you want to get one then you probably need to comprehend everything there is to know and know what to await when getting an under eye filler.

What Under Eye Fillers Feel Like?

The first thing that happens before you get an under eye filler is that you would have a conversation with a dermatologist or a cosmetic surgeon and after that, they ask you inquiries and try to calculate out why you are having dark circles and if you need to get an under eye filler or not. After it has been determined that you are a suitable applicant, you come back for the procedure. There is normally no numbing agent given for the procedure, but you can ask for one if you really need it and it takes about thirty to forty minutes for it to set in. After the numbing agent sets in, the method takes about fifteen minutes. A needle or a cannula can be used to do this method, the cannula is a much better approach because it allows you to make only one poke.


The results are normally seen shortly after the procedure is done and it constantly gets better as the days progress, you should be seeing a massive transformation over the next two weeks.

Side Effects

The most well-known side effect is bruising because the section beneath the eye is very sensitive, so bruising is expected. Another side effect that is foreseen is bulging. The bruising and swelling would be gone in a matter of days and weeks and your dermatologist would prescribe something to help you with the bruising.

In Conclusion

There can be another side effect if the fillers aren’t placed and it can result in an occurrence named the Tyndall effect. It can be explained to you in your aesthetic clinic Dubai as it defines the direction light scatters following specific circumstances. It can easily be treated with a dose of hyaluronidase.

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