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Having a clean campus plays an important role in having a successful, healthy, and safe schooling experience for all. An untidy school campus can have a negative impact on the mental and physical health of both the students and the staff. Cleanliness in the surroundings creates a good environment for your child to learn and study well. To safeguard the health of your child, they must be taught the importance of cleaning in the school itself. Enroll your child in an English private school in the UAE that acknowledges the importance of teaching cleanliness to students. Here are a few reasons why teaching your child cleanliness in school could prove to be beneficial.

Less Sick Leaves

A bad and unclean campus feeds on bacteria and germs. These two things are responsible for causing infections, illnesses, and many serious diseases. A clean school campus always keeps germs and bacteria away and promotes healthy living. This enables your child to understand the significance of living in a clean and healthy environment. Healthy living then accelerates the development of students and teachers.

Better Learning Experience

A clean environment as mentioned earlier has a huge impact on the development of students. A clean campus enables students to have a good learning experience as they learn faster and study effectively. Teaching them to keep their campus clean has a lot of positive effects on them. They learn to live in a clean environment and practice cleanliness at home as well. A clean environment improves the morale of the students encouraging them to engage in studies.

Reduces Allergies

Having an untidy and dirty environment accelerates allergies and makes students sick. A clean school campus promotes a healthy environment and keeps dust-related allergies a step away. Teaching children to keep their surroundings clean also enables them to understand the positive effects it has on their health. They then continue to incorporate cleanliness in their personal life as well.

Instills Good Habit

Cleanliness is a good habit that students adapt to when they see their surroundings at school clean. When they see their campus clean, they tend to keep it that way by following the instructions of their teachers. Cleanliness of the school instills a good habit in the students and it also encourages them to continue it everywhere they go.

Clean and Long-Lasting Equipment

Cleanliness also involves maintaining and handling equipment and school supplies. When students learn to keep the equipment and the supplies clean, they undertake some responsibilities. Teaching students to take care of and clean the tools, equipment, and supplies makes them responsible human beings.

Sense of Social Pride

When the students learn in a school environment that is neat and clean, they feel a sense of pride. Because they associate clean surroundings with pride, they continue keeping their school and other public places clean. It makes them feel good and improves their social life as well.


These are the few significant reasons why teaching students cleanliness can be so helpful. A clean environment leads to a healthy and safe learning experience. Visit our website to know how our school encourages students to keep their environment clean.

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