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POS software trends in 2016

POS software trends in 2016

There is a stable change in point of sale system. Now the operators of desktop or web based point of sale system is not necessary anymore, people prefer the mobile device or ipad pos system than ever, for example Magento POS ipad.
Actually, the POS software also affect the annual profits of some restaurants as well as retailer stores. To be honest, focusing on POS software trends is more important than solving any other problems. Now we will see the POS software trends in 2016.

POS software trends in 2016

In restaurant, this is the trend of 2014 – 2016. When asked to ID the key business drivers pushing them to make a POS upgrade, the vast majority (69.6%) of restaurant operators named “adding a mobile POS”. Coming in a close second, 62.5% chose “enabling new payment options.” Rounding out their top three business drivers, almost half of restaurants surveyed (46.4%) named “delivering personalized guest promotions” as a major objective.

When asked to choose the top features they’re seeking in their next POS upgrade, mobility was top-of-mind, with 45.8% naming mobile phone integration as a top pick. Other high-scoring selections included: tablet integration (44.1%) tableside POS for ordering and/or payment (42.2%), and mobile wallet integration (35.6%). On the operations side, 40.7% of restaurants are seeking access to enterprise-wide/centralized POS data, and 37.3% are looking at cloud and hosted software.

POS software trends in 2016

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